Snack Skewers

Snack Skewers

This is one of the basic tiffin snack items which you can prepare for your little kid. Make sure you select fresh ingredients for preparing this food item. The elements required are olives, cherry tomatoes and cheese. This food item is rich in fiber and protein.


1. You would require cocktail straws or coffee stirrers.

2. You every straw to skew the three ingredients.

3. Repeat it with different straws and pack them in the tiffin box.

Kids would love to savor this snack item without throwing any tantrums. You can prepare a similar snack using fruits or other vegetables. You need to make sure that the straw ends aren’t that sharp. Such a food idea is very creative which should be shared with other people. Tell your friends and family members about this recipe so that they can also benefit from it.