Spinach Gnocchi Wee

Spinach Gnocchi Wee

Soft yummy gnocchi is healthy and nutritious. Spinach is high in zinc and protein, it also contains fiber, vitamin A, C, E, K, and B6, along with calcium, iron and minerals. Cheese is rich in essential fats, calcium and vitamin A. This is how it’s done!

Ingredients: 300 gms fresh spinach, 1 cup whole milk ricotta cheese, 230 gms parmesan cheese, 1 egg yolk, 2-4 tbsp flour (any), 4 tbsp boiled chickpeas or any pulse of your choice. 


1. Wash spinach thoroughly and blanch it in hot water, after blanching, place it in cold water so the green color is reaming bright. After this, keep it in a colander and squeeze all the extra water. 

2. Squeeze it well and add all ingredients in a food processor along with 2 tbsp flour. Mix all ingredients properly.

3. Now, put this mixture in bowl, dust your hands with little flour so that the mixture doesn’t stick to your hands.

4. Take a tbsp spinach mixture in your hand and roll into tiny balls. Place on a plate covered with waxed paper. Freeze it for 30 minutes. 

5. Boil water in large pot for cooking gnocchi.

6. Put the gnocchi into the hot boiling water in small batches like 8 to 10 at a time and cook for 3 minutes or until they rise to the water surface.

7. Take a slotted spoon, remove the gnocchi into a plate or bowl.

Before serving sprinkle some grated cheese over the warm gnocchi.