Sprouted Moong Daal Cheela

Sprouted Moong Daal Cheela
Green sprouted moong daal cheela is a dish which is high in vitamin A to E, rich dietary fibers, low in fat and high in protein and is easily digestible too.
Sprouted Moong Dal- 2 cups, Rice flour- 1 cup, Green Chilli- 1 or 2, Ginger- half inch, Salt 1 tbsp or according to taste, Coriander powder- 1tbsp, Some green coriander leaves, Oil- 3 tbsp
1. Make a paste of the Moong Dal with water using the grinder.
2. Take the Moong Dal paste in a bowl and add to it the rice flour, Coriander powder and chopped Coriander leaves, salt, finely chopped green chillies and ginger (chilli and ginger is optional. If your kid is not a fan of spices then don’t add it in mixture)
3. Make a fine batter in medium flowing consistency.
4. Now take a non-stick pan, heat it and grease it with 3-4 drops of oil. Take a spoon full of the mixture and spread it evenly on the pan in a circular motion. Pour some oil around the Cheela (the salty pancake) and also a few drops on the top.
5. When the bottom layer turns brown and the upper layer changes color, flip it to on the other side. Cook it till both the layers turns brown in color .
Your Cheela is now ready to serve to your cute pie. You can serve it with tomato sauce or green sauce with some butter on the top.
Note- You can also add some more fine chopped vegetable in the Cheela mixture.