Striped Ice Cream Cake

Striped Ice Cream Cake
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You can treat yourself with something sweet and delightful which would make you happy. Offer this yummy striped ice cream cake which can be prepared using blueberry jam, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet and peace sorbet that is rich in vitamin C and minerals.


1. You need to first line a 9-by-13 inch baking dish along with plastic wrap.

2. Now place the fruit cake in the bottom dish and spread jam over it. ‘

3. The next is to layer this with ice cream and freeze it for at least an hour.

4. The next step is to spread raspberry sorbet and again freeze it. The final step is to spread peach sorbet and cover

it with a layer of fruit cake. Freeze it overnight.

This delicacy might take a lot of time for its preparation but would make you go mad after tasting it. Try this recipe today!