Super Crunchy Snow Balls

Super Crunchy Snow Balls

These snowballs can be created with easy ingredients. They are perfect to treat when someone at home demands something delicious. You can prepare them in your kitchen using healthy food items.

Ingredients to make Super Crunchy Snowballs:

Chopped copha, Kellogg’s rice bubbles, icing sugar, vanilla marshmallows, and coconut milk powder

Steps to make Super Crunchy Snowballs:

1. You need to take a bowl and add copha and marshmallows. Take this bowl onto a pan with simmering water. Make sure the mixture melts.

2. Take another bowl and add coconut milk powder, rice bubbles, icing sugar and the melted copha mix. Stir it well.

3. Now form balls out of this mixture and place them in a tray.

4. Refrigerate for some time. You can then add icing sugar and sprinkles while serving.

These sweet balls would surely impress everyone at home. This is a simple recipe, which can be practiced at home.