Super Healthy Avocado Toast

Super Healthy Avocado Toast

Tasty food is often junk, they say but there is definitely a way to make healthy food taste absolutely fantastic! This is one such recipe you will have any number of times, guilt-free! Full of super healthy ingredients. The main ingredient being avocado, this dish is full of healthy fats needed for the body, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals! Get ready to make this super tasty toast !

Ingredients: 2 avocados, 1 onions, 1 tomato, 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 yellow bell pepper, salt as needed, 1-2 tsp Italian spice mix, buckwheat or whole wheat bread, butter, juice of 1 whole lemon or lime


1. Heat a pan on low fame with some butter on it, enough for it to give the bread slices a warm colour. Toast the bread on both sides for about 2 minutes on each side. Do not make the toast very crispy. Cut off the crust as most kids hate it.

2. Cut open the two avocados and deseed them. Take out the flesh and mash it all up. Add salt as required, along with Italian spice mix.

3. Finely chop an onion, red and yellow bell peppers. Add the chopped veggies to the mashed avocado and mix well. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes so the flavours are absorbed by the avocado.

4. Chop a tomato and mix it with the avocado mash. Correct the seasoning according to your child’s taste buds.

5. Add the juice of one whole lime or lemon and give the avocado mash a really good mix. Your creamy dressing is ready to go on the toast now.

6. Add some butter on the toast after having removed the crust. Take a heaping spoon of the avocado mash and smear it on top of the toast.

7. Heat the pan on low flame and allow the toast to get heated up for a minute. You can also make a sandwich style toast by placing another piece of toast on the top.

Serve this dish with tomato sauce !