Super Yummy Cheese Garlic Toast!

Super Yummy Cheese Garlic Toast!

From many years, garlic has been a major flavoring ingredient in our kitchen. Garlic contains medicinal properties and it can cure common cold and flu. It also has anti-oxidantal properties and it is good for heart. This dish is a great combination of garlic with the goodness of cheese and lots of herbs.


Brown or White bread -8 slice, Garlic-3- 4 clove medium, Salted Butter-2tsb, Chili flacks -1/2 tsb, Coriander or parsley leaves finely chopped -1tsb, Mixed herbs-as per taste, Black pepper powder-as per taste, Grated Cheese-As per taste


1. Cut a bread slice into two rectangular halves.

2. Mix salted butter and finely crushed garlic in a bowl. Now add coriander or parsley leaves and mix it properly.

3. Now take bread slice spread this butter mixture on it, put some grated cheese over the slices and sprinkle some herbs/oregano and chilli flakes on it.

4. Take one heavy bottom large tawa or a pan, put it on low flame. Arrange the bread slices on it and cover it with a lid.

5. After 3-5 minutes check if the base has turned golden brown and if the cheese has been melted properly.

Serve the snack with favorite dip or sauce.