Sweet corn

Sweet corn
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Corns are the "endospermic seeds" which have all the rich nutrient content in them. Sweet corn or American corn come under the category of whole grain food having a high amount of dietary fibers, low calorie, low fat and a good amount of all the essential nutrients. To make this healthy dish tastier here is one of the best methods that you will love to enjoy again and again.

Ingredients: Sweet corn,1/2Cucumber, Coriander leaves,2tbsp Butter,1tbsp lemon juice, salt to taste, red chilli and cumin powder.


1. Boil the sweet corn, closing the top of the vessel to speed up the process and save fuel. 

2. In a vessel, put the boiled sweetcorn adding to it the chopped cucumbers,2tbsp butter,1/2tbsp red chilli powder,1/2tbsp cumin powder,1/2tbsp lemon juice, salt to taste and coriander leaves. 

3. Mix this well. Your yummy salad is ready to serve. You can give many flavors to this depending upon your likes of taste and bring surprises to your child. 

Get set go to make this yummy simple healthy recipe and prove yourself to be a health-conscious mother!