Sweet Corn Cheese Potato Balls

Sweet Corn Cheese Potato Balls

Time to give a dish that provides mandatory nutrients. Potato has fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. Cheese primarily contains milk, which is a great source of calcium. Corn includes good supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. This can be served as an evening snack. 

Ingredients: 3 boiled potatoes, 1/2 bowl boiled sweet corn, grated cheese- as per your requirement, salt as per taste, a pinch of pepper, 2 tbsp mixed herbs, 1/2 bowl rice flour or corn flour for coating, 1/2 bowl rava, oil

Steps :

1. First, boil the potatoes and sweet corn.

2. Blend the sweet corn for just 3-4 seconds into a coarse paste.

3.  Add salt, pepper, cheese and herbs to the coarsely blended sweet corn and mix well.

4. Grate the boiled potatoes.

5. With your dry hand, take rice flour and make balls of potatoes.

6. Stuff the potato balls with the sweetcorn mixture.

7. Take some rice flour in your hands for binding the balls.

8. Make a rice atta paste, dip the balls and coat it in rava powder to make it crisp.

9. Put the balls in a pan with hot oil and deep fry it until golden brown.

Serve this snack when it is warm with tomato sauce.