Sweet Strawberry Stew with Banana Custard

Sweet Strawberry Stew with Banana Custard

You can create a yummy delicacy at home as a special treat. This recipe includes two fruits, that is, strawberry and banana which makes it rich in Vitamin C, B6 and fiber. The other ingredients are sugar, lemon juice, milk, custard powder, and vanilla essence.


1. To prepare the strawberry stew you need to mix sliced strawberries along with lemon juice and sugar. Add these items to a vessel and cook with ¾ cup of water. Evaporate till the strawberries get soft.

2. Keep them aside and let it cool.

3. Now add custard powder to ¼ cup of milk. Take the remaining milk and add sugar to it.

4. Combine these two mixtures and add vanilla essence. Stir it while heating until the mixture gets thick. Add banana to it and keep it aside.

5. The final step is to place the strawberry stew in a bowl and add the custard.

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