Tasty Cheese Paratha

Tasty Cheese Paratha
Give a cheesy twist to paratha as it is high in carbohydrates and proteins.
Ingredients: Wheat Flour- 1 1/2 Cup, Fresh Mozzarella (grated)-1 Cup, Garlic finely chopped -1 tbsp, Fresh coriander leaves, Chilies sliced and finely chopped-1 (optional), Salt as per taste, Oil /Ghee or butter for frying.
1. Add some salt to the Wheat flour and knead it into smooth dough
2. For stuffing combine Mozzarella cheese and mix it with garlic and green coriander, and keep it aside.
3. Now pinch a small ball from the dough, pat it with flour and roll it into a small circle using a rolling pin or hand. Take about a Tbsp of Stuffing and put it in the center and seal the ends to make a nice round ball of dough with Cheese stuffing inside. Pat it down on your palm a bit. 
4. Roll the stuffed dough ball carefully so as not to spill the cheese out. A bit of cheese stuffing will come up but that's fine. 
5. Carefully lift the rolled paratha and put it on a hot and oiled flat frying pan. Cook both the sides of paratha adding a few more drops of oil all around and over it. 
6. Fry both the sides carefully. 
Treat your darling baby’s tummy with cheese filled dinner.