Tasty Masala Hot Dog Buns!

Tasty Masala Hot Dog Buns!
These stuffed buns balance the flavours so that your kiddo will love it more with each bite. Moreover, it is a vegetarian version of hot dogs and is rich in potassium, sodium and proteins. 
Ingredients: 2 hot dog buns for serving 2 people, chopped coriander leaves: 2 tablespoons, chopped capsicum: 1 medium sized, chopped onions : 1 medium sized, chopped Tomatoes:  1 medium sized, Butter: 2 tsp, salt: as required, cumin seeds: as required, lemon    : one whole, garlic paste: 1 tea spoon, ginger paste: 1 tea spoon, pav bhaji masala: 2 teaspoon
  1. Take a pan and put 1 tsp of butter in it, soon after you light the stove. Put some cumin seeds and allow them to turn brown. Now add the chopped onions . 
  2. When the onions become golden, put chopped tomatoes and add salt as required. After a few minutes, add 1 teaspoon of pavbhaji masala and other spices as per your taste. When the tomatoes get cooked, add the chopped capsicum and fresh coriander in the pan. Let them get cooked for a bit. After that, add half of the lemon and allow it to cool down.
  3. Take the hot dog buns and cut it transversely. The cuts should be deep enough to fill it with the above mixture prepared.
  4. Take a pan, and heat the buns using butter and add a little pavbhaji masala to it. Now, add the other half lemon on the buns.
They are now ready to serve. Enjoy!