Tasty Paneer Subzi

Tasty Paneer Subzi
Side Dish

Paneer is loved by kids and you as a parent can make a variety of recipes using this one food item. Since paneer is a good source of protein, this particular food recipe would prove healthy for the kids. All you need is cumin seeds, paneer cubes, capsicum stripes, chopped tomatoes, coriander seeds and oil.


1. You need to heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add red chillies and coriander seeds. Roast the content for at least a minute.

2. Let this content cool down and then blend it in order to make a fine powder.

3. Now take a kadhai and heat oil. Add cumin seeds and let them crackle.

4. To the kadhai add capsicum stripes and sauté the content for at least 2 minutes.

5. Now add tomatoes along with salt and pepper.

Cook it for 3 minutes and then add paneer cubes. Stir the mixture time to time. Serve it hot.