The Salad Lollipops

The Salad Lollipops

Kids love lollipops. But that’s a sugary treat that does them no good. So, get this cool salad lollipop for your kids. It is fun for summer, healthy and has so many idea that you can use.

The Steps are:

1. For tomato and mozzarella salad lollipop, simply make four small balls of mozzarella, get 6 cherry tomatoes halved and use little salt and pepper for seasoning. Just put them on a skewer and grill it for a minute or two.

2. For other salad ideas, try adding chicken to the skewer. Chicken could be leftover chicken or baked chicken depending on your needs. Add crunchy bits of toasted bread to it.

3. For a vegetarian version, replace chicken with marinated and cooked paneer.

If you are giving it for lunch, change skewers to straws to avoid the skewer getting soggy. So, how are you going to make salad lollipops?