Vangi Bhaat

Vangi Bhaat
Main Course

Vangi Bhaat is a dish made in Maharashtra and is very delicious. You can prepare this dish as it is not only tasty but also highly nutritious. It provides the nutritional benefits of rice such as carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, iron, Vitamin B6 and magnesium to your body for its healthy development. 

Ingredients: 1 bay leaf, 1 small piece of dagad phool, 2 tsp coriander seeds, 1 dry red chilli, 1 ½ tbsp. dessicated coconut, 1 tsp. cumin seeds, 3 cloves, 1 inch cinnamon, ½ tsp shah jeera, 1 ½ tbsp. white sesame seeds, 4 black peppercorns, a pinch of hing, 1 ½ cups basmati rice, 4-5 medium sized brinjals, 1 green chilli chopped, 1 onion chopped, 2 tbsp. curd, 6-7 curry leaves, 15-18 cashews, ¾ tsp mustard seeds, ¾ tsp cumin seeds, ¼ tsp turmeric powder, ½ tbsp. chopped coriander leaves, 1 tbsp. grated coconut, water, oil and salt. 


 1. Dry roast the bay leaf, dagad phool, coriander seeds, red chilli, cloves, cinnamon, shah jeera and hing in a pan and sauté till you can smell the aroma. 

 2. Grate the dessicated coconut and add to the pan along with the white sesame seeds. Saute till the coconut turns brown. Switch off the flame and let the mixture. Once it has cooled, put all the mixture in a grinder and churn into a fine powder. Set aside.

 3. Soak the rice in water for about 30 minutes. Drain and set aside.

 4. Chop the brinjals and soak them in salted water for about 15 minutes. Drain and set aside. 

 5. Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan and splutter the mustard and cumin seeds. 

 6. Add the chopped onions and sauté them till they are translucent. Add the curry leaves and green chillies and stir. 

 7. Put the chopped brinjals along with turmeric powder and stir and cook for 3-4 minutes. 

 8. Put the soaked rice into the pan, add 2-3 tsp of the ground masala you prepared earlier and yogurt. 

 9. Pour 3 cups of water, sprinkle salt and cover the pan with a lid. Cook on low flame till the rice has cooked completely. 

 10. Meanwhile roast the cashews in a little ghee in a pan and set aside. 

 11. Once the rice is done, remove the lid and fluff it using a fork. 

 12. Garnish with grated coconut, chopped coriander leaves and roasted cashews and serve. 

Vangi bhaat can be eaten with raita or vegetable curry. Simple and easy to make, this dish is absolutely delectable. So make this yummy dish forlunch or dinner using this recipe today!