Vegetable Pakora

Vegetable Pakora
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Vegetable Pakora is a superb snack item that would be loved by all. Since it is a homemade dish, the health benefits are obviously retained in this recipe. Carrot is one of the ingredients which are rich in Vitamin A, potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-2 and phosphorus. The presence of cabbage makes the recipe filled with Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. 

Ingredients:  1 medium carrot, ¼ cup capsicum, 1 cup shredded cabbage, 1 medium onion, 5-6 french beans, ½ cup besan, ¼ rice flour, salt, ½ tbsp. carom seeds, handful pudina, 1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste, ½ tbsp. garam masala, oil. 


 1. Firstly, the veggies need to be washed and cut into thin long strips. 

 2. Take a bowl and add ginger garlic paste, salt, green chili, garam masala and other herbs. 

 3. Mix the content well and squeeze it to release the moisture. Keep the content aside for 10 minutes. 

 4. Now, add flour and ajwain. Add salt if needed. Use water for preparing a smooth dough. 

 5. Take a pan and pour oil. Heat the pan over medium flame. 

 6. Next step is to drop few portions of the dough after flattening it. 

 7. Fry the content with constant stirring until it turns golden. 

 8. Serve hot. 

This recipe can be shared among friends so that they can also treat all at home.