Very Tasty Vanilla Milkshake

Very Tasty Vanilla Milkshake

Try this easy vanilla milkshake recipe rather than the unhealthy milkshakes available in the market! It is healthy, prepared at home and quite enjoyable.

To Make Vanilla Milkshake: 

1. Get full-cream milk for the child. Keep it chilled for the milkshake. Remember, kids can drink full-cream milk because they need more healthy fats than adults for growth.

2. Pour milk in a blender, add one scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. You can use a blend of chocolate-vanilla if needed.

3. Blend until smooth. Increase quantity for more people. You can add any other flavor of basic ice-creams to the mixture, including mint or almond ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream for a memorable milkshake.

So, get the power of calcium and the yummy taste!