Water Melon Popsicle

Water Melon Popsicle

Water Melon Popsicle!! For Kids who don’t like to eat Fruits!!It is a perfect solution for your worries. Home- made, fun summer delights, your kids won’t refuse.


1) Remove the seeds from the watermelon pieces (200 gms) and blend them in a blender without adding water.

2) Please do not strain, it will remove the pulp which has fibre.

3) Add 2tsp of brown sugar and mix well.

4) Pour on moulds and refrigerate for 4 hrs in freezer.

Yummy fruit popsicles are ready. Can make Mangoes or Musk Melon Popsicles as well. These summer fruit Popsicle treats will keep your kids hydrated and healthy in summer!!