Wheat Dosa

Wheat Dosa

Wheat is probably the most common cereal available with abundant health benefits. Wheat is an immense energy source due in all parts of the grain kernel.The nutrient value of wheat is retained even after processing it into flour. Prepare rich atta dosa rather than the normal ones enjoy the health benefits of wheat such as vitamins, vitamin B6, calcium as well as essential minerals.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, salt ,oil, water. 


1.Take the flour in a vessel and with water make a liquidy paste and add salt to it. 

2.Make sure that there are no kernels of the wheat and the paste is smooth enough. 

3.Now in a dosa pan, take a spoon of the paste and apply it in circular motion following the path from outside to centre.This isn't in the simliar way to that of normal rice dosas that follow the path from centre to ouside. 

4.Cook until they are golden and crispy. 

Your yummy whole wheat atta dosa is ready to serve and you can serve these along with the onion chutney.