Wilted Brussels Sprout Salad

Wilted Brussels Sprout Salad

Wilted Brussels Sprout Salad is a very nutritious salad item which can be used to attract the attention. The taste is amazing which would be enjoyed by all.The presence of Brussels sprouts and cheese makes this recipe rich in vitamins and protein.

Ingredients for Wilted Brussels Sprout Salad :

Sliced red onion, EVOO, Brussels sprouts, crumbled blue cheese, chopped hazelnuts and red wine vinegar. 

Steps for Wilted Brussels Sprout Salad :

1. You need to take a bowl and toss onion along with 4 tbsp EVOO and vinegar.

2. Take a skillet and wilt sprouts using 1 tbsp EVOO. Keep the flames high and stir the content continuously.

3. The final step is to toss the content before serving. You can create your own version by adding other veggies.

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