Yummilicious Orange Kheer

Yummilicious Orange Kheer
Your little darling loves to experiment. So here is a little uncommon dish for her- Orange Kheer. Oranges are great in taste and are an excellent source of vitamin C. They are also rich in dietary fibers and vitamin B. In addition to this, milk is a good source of calcium. Two great combinations make this recipe incredible.
Ingredients: Full creamed milk- 500 ml, Condense milk- 200 ml, Cardamom (powdered)- 1/2 tsb, Sugar– as per taste, Oranges– 4 to 5 medium size, Cashew nuts and almonds- 2tsb finely chopped
1. Take full creamed milk and the condense milk together in a pan and heat it on simmer flame which will reduce it into half of it's quantity.
2. If you need more sweetness then add some sugar according to your taste.
3. Switch off the gas and put the pan down. Add cashew and almonds along with cardamom .
4. Cool down it completely.
5. Peel the oranges, remove the seeds from it and chop it into small pieces.
6. Add the orange pieces to the above cold mixture. You can either mix it or use the oranges as toppings.
7. Keep this kheer in fridge for an hour.
Your yummy-tangy-sweet recipe is now ready to satisfy your loved one's taste buds.