Yummy And Healthy Veggie Frankie

Yummy And Healthy Veggie Frankie
Here comes an easy recipe to feed with a lot of veggies loaded with sodium and protein. 
Ingredients: Oil-1 tsp, onion-1/2 cup(thinly sliced), capsicum-1/4 cup(thinly sliced), salt as per taste, tomato sauce-7- 8 tbsp, butter as required, chapatti-3, carrot(grated)- 3 tbsp, raw cabbage(shredded)- 3 tbsp, boiled and mashed potato-1 cup, pepper if required, butter paper to roll(optional)
For stuffing:
1. Heat oil in a pan, and then add onion and sauté.
2. Now add capsicum and sauté it. Don’t over fry as it should have the crunchiness.
3. Add mashed potato, 1-2 tbsp of tomato sauce, salt and pepper as per taste.
4. Stir properly, and turn off the flame
5. Keep this mixture aside.
Frankie preparation:
6. Heat the tawa and warm up the chapatti by adding some oil.
7. Now, on one side, add 1 tbsp of tomato sauce.
8. Above that, add grated carrot and shredded cabbage.
9. Then place the prepared potato stuffing.
10. Top it with more tomato sauce.
11. Now start rolling chapatti tight towards another end.
12. Cover this Frankie with butter paper.
It will surely  be a healthy and tasty dinner or lunch.