Yummy Besan Bread Toast For Your Kiddo!

Yummy Besan Bread Toast For Your Kiddo!
This is a quick and easy toast, perfect for the hungry tummy. It is rich in magnesium, dietary fibres and potassium.
Sandwich bread slices- 2, Gram flour (besan)- 6tsb, Cumin- 1/2 tsb, Coriander powered- 1/2tsb, Turmeric powder and red chilly powder, Oil/ghee/butter- 2tsb, Salt- as per your kids taste, Chopped tomato, onion and coriander leaves – ½ cup, Crushed Ginger- 1/4 tsb (as per your kids taste), 1 Green chilly finely chopped, Water.
1. Batter preparation : Take a large bowl, mix besan along with cumin, coriander, turmeric, red chilly powder, salt, chopped tomato, onion, coriander leaves and ginger. Pour some amount of water in the mixture and make a thick batter. Beat it continuously for 1 or 2 mins.
2. Take a nonstick tawa or pan. Place it on the gas stove.
3. When the tawa gets heated, pour some drops of oil in it.
4. Take one bread slice apply the batter on one side of the bread with the help of a spoon.
5. Put it on the hot tawa and roast the slice till it turns golden brown.
6. Now flip the slice and roast the other side.
7. Cut the toasted bread slice in triangle shape.
Serve the yummy hot toast to your loved one with green or red tomato sauce.
Variation: You can add finely chopped capsicum, spinach leaves in the batter.