Yummy Besan Khandvi

Yummy Besan Khandvi

This is a traditional Indian recipe which is modified for growing kids. You can prepare Besan Khandvi at home in easy steps. You would require besan, curd, turmeric powder, mustard seeds, grated coconut, sesame seeds, salt and ginger-green chilli paste. Curd makes this recipe rich in protein and calcium which is nutritious for kids.


1. You need to grease the back side of any plate or Thaali. Keep it aside.

2. Take a pan to mix besan, curd, salt, ginger-green chilli paste along with turmeric powder. Mix the content until no lumps are formed.

3. The next step is to cook the mixture. Take this batter off the flame and spread the batter on the greased surface. Let it cool down.

4. Now cut the batter into thin strips. Roll these strips into small cylinders.

You need to heat the sesame and mustard seeds in oil. When the seeds crackle then pour it over the Khandvi. You can garnish it with coconut and coriander.