Yummy breakfast- Banana Sandwich

Yummy breakfast- Banana Sandwich

What better way to start your day than watch your child polish off his breakfast plate? This banana sandwich does just that. You child is sure to love this yummy and nutritious banana sandwich.

Ingredients: 4 slices of fruit bread, 2 bananas, honey, peanut butter, butter, whipped cream.


1. Take slices of fruit bread.

2. Slice bananas and drizzle them with honey. Mix well.

3. Generously spread peanut butter on the bread slices.

4. Arrange the banana slices on the bread and cover it with another bread slice.

5. Heat a girdle and add butter.

6. Toast the sandwiches on both sides.

7. Place on a plate and drizzle with honey.

8. Top with whipped cream and serve.

This is a must try recipe for your kid’s next breakfast.