Yummy Colorful Idlis

Yummy Colorful Idlis

Colourful Idlis can be a delight to you. This is best way to take veggies. These vegetables are full of various nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium and Calcium. 

Ingredients: 4 cups semolina, 2 cups of curd, 1 tsp salt,1 sachet of eno , 2 carrots, 1 bunch of spinach leaves, 2-3 inch of turmeric, 1 beetroot , some chat masala, pinch of sugar.


1. Clean spinach leaves, blend them and make a puree. 

2. Clean carrots. Slice them and discard the hard part of center then grind them with some water.

3. Remove the tops of the beetroot and boil it for 3-4 minutes with the skin, after cooling peel the skin, chop it and make a puree. 

4. Remove the skin of the raw turmeric, chop it and make a puree.

5. Take a big bowl add semolina, curd, salt, water and mix well. Make a smooth batter, then add eno. 

6. Quickly divide batter in four parts, add veggie puree in all. 

7. Now grease the idli mold and place the batter in it.

8. Cook them in a microwave on high temperature for five minutes, let them rest for few minutes then serve them. 

Help to have this colorful platter with tomato sauce, coconut chutney or sambhar. 

Note: Add pinch of sugar in the turmeric batter as it has a bit of bitter taste. If raw turmeric is unavailable you can use turmeric powder. Do not forgot to grease the molds. These will take some more time than cooking plain idli.