Yummy Corn Biryani

Yummy Corn Biryani
Main Course

Carbohydrate rich basmati rice and corn should be clubbed together. And the recipe with these two is so easy to make that you can serve it for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Try this easy-peasy recipe that can be prepared anytime.


1. In a deep skillet, drizzle oil and add bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. You can get a mixture of these from the market. Add onions to the mix and sauté till golden brown. Add ginger-garlic paste and tomato. Cook till it becomes a fine paste.

2. Add chopped coriander, corn, turmeric powder, coconut milk and salt. Simmer it and cook till everything thickens to a gravy consistency.

3. Meanwhile, prepare boiled and drained rice.

Mix the gravy with rice for a tasty corn biryani. Go ahead! Give it a go!