Yummy Hot Chocolate

Yummy Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a favourite and a comfort drink as chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants, raises the level of good cholesterol and is packed with minerals such as zinc, selenium and potassium. In addition, chocolate is rich in flavanols, which reduces memory loss; and phenyethylamine which releases happy happy hormones or endorphins. So this hot chocolate recipe is not just easy to make and delicious, but will take care of the overall health.

 Ingredients:  One cup of warm milk, one and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder/drinking chocolate, sugar as per taste, a dash of vanilla extract. 


 1. Mix sugar and cocoa powder in a cup and pour in the warm milk. 

 2. Stir well so that the cocoa powder and sugar mix well with the milk. 

 3. Add a drop of vanilla essence to the drink. 

Your hot chocolate is ready. You can include this drink with breakfast. Try this simple recipe out today!