Yummy Nutty Wheels

Yummy Nutty Wheels
Finger Foods

Nutty wheels is an all-time healthy snack. It is a power packed snack with instant energy. Brown bread gives you fibre and protein and the nutty filling has antioxidants and vitamins. The dates syrup is an embellish to boost immune system.

Ingredients: 4 slices of brown bread, 5 glucose biscuits or any left over sweet biscuits, 5 almonds, 5 pistachios, 3 tbsps of date syrup.


1) Whip up a coarse mix with your biscuits and nuts. 

2) Use a mould or a tumbler to edge out four bread wheels. Dip each wheel in a little water. 

3) Carefully, place a portion of the mix in the centre of one wheel. Gently place another wheel over it and seal the edges.

4) On a hot pan, add some oil and place the wheels over. Fry both the sides until a nice golden brown. 

Serve hot with a drizzle of your dates syrup.