Yummy Shaahi Toast!

Yummy Shaahi Toast!

Sometimes you want to make everyone feel more special, so here is a great recipe for your loved ones-- Shahi Toast. This dish is full of minerals, calcium, vitamin and fiber. 

Ingredients: Bread slices -6 (brown/white), Sugar-1cup, Water -1/2 cup, Saffron –few strands, Cardamom powder-1/2 tsb, Mix Chopped nuts-3tsb, Fresh cream or Rabari (homemade unsweetened condense milk) -100 gms., Ghee for fry


1. Remove the sides of a bread and cut each bread slice diagonally to get two triangles.

2. Add sugar water, saffron and cardamom in a sauce pan. Let the syrup boil for 4-5 minutes. When you get one thread consistency, turn off the gas.

3. Pour ghee in a large pan on heating it. When ghee heats up properly, fry all the bread triangle slices in it, till it turn nice golden color on both the sides. 

4. Keep the gas flame on medium. Take all the pieces on a tissue paper so extra ghee will be absorbed.

5. Now dunk each slice in sugar syrup for half a minute and drain the extra syrup. Arrange all the slices on a plate. 

6. Put one tsb Rabari on each slice of bread and sprinkle some chopped nuts.

Your sweet treat is now ready to serve.

Note: *You can make a small tower by layering of Rabari and nuts.

*You can cut it in circle or other shapes with the help of cookie cutter.

*Instead of dry fruits you can use colorful fresh fruit too. Take finely chopped 3-4 fruits and decorate your sweet treat. But choose only sweet fruits. Fruits will add nice color in your treat.