Yummy Sharja Shake

Yummy Sharja Shake

Yummy Sharja Shake is full of the goodness of calcium from the milk, as well as protein and minerals from the nuts.

Ingredients: Frozen Milk – 2 cups, Ripe bananas – 2 nos, Sugar – 1 tbsp, Peanut chikki – 2 small pieces , Almonds– 5 nos, Cocoa powder – 1 tbsp


1. Take 2 cups of milk and freeze.

2. In a mixie, chop and add the ripe banana , sugar , peanut chikki, almonds, and cocoa powder.

3. Crush the frozen milk and add as small cubes to the mixie. Blend well till it becomes frothy. Serve immediately.

A deliciously refreshing treat! Try it out today!