Yummy Tri-Color Puris

Yummy Tri-Color Puris
These beautiful puris will surely attract your fussy kid. Even if he eats puris and not vegetables you don't have to worry since it is serving both the purpose by one means. These puris get their color from vegetable purees hence the nutrition will include Vitamins, Minerals, Iron and much more.
Ingredients: 1 cup spinach leaves, 1 beetroot, 3 cups wheat flour, salt as per taste, 1/2 tsp each cumin and carrom seeds, 1 tsp turmeric powder, oil to fry.
1. Blend spinach and beetroot separately into a paste.
2. Divide flour in three parts add salt, cumin and carrom seeds then kneed three different doughs by adding spinach puree, beetroot puree and turmeric powder.
3. Take three small balls from each dough, flatten them a bit and place adjacent on roller as a triangle, apply some pressure with your palm so all the three doughs stick together then dust it gently. 
4. Roll once you get a size big enough, cut a round shape using a lid and seal the edges by overlapping them, fry it on medium flame, repeat same with rest of the dough.
Your perfectly tricolor puris are ready! Let your kiddo enjoy this tasty, nutritional dish.