Apple Jelly

Apple Jelly

Not just kids, all of us crave sweets sometimes or the other. So why not make something delightful with them with some basic ingredients? Made at home, this apple jelly recipe is filled with the goodness of apples and the colour of the jelly makes it very attractive.

Ingredients: 700 ml apple juice, 4 tsp. sugar, 10 gram gelatine, 4 tsp. boiling water


 1. Take the gelatine in a bowl and add water to it. 

 2. In a separate bowl, add sugar to the apple juice and microwave till it gets hot.

 3. Now, add the gelatine to the hot mix until it dissolves. 

 4. In case the gelatine does not dissolve, microwave the mix again but remember not to bring it to boil. 

 5. Once the gelatine mixes up properly in the mix, refrigerate it for about 2 hours.

 6. Your apple jelly should now be ready. 

Relish this delightful jelly.