Banana Splits

Banana Splits
Low Carb

Banana Split is a simple yet useful recipe for growing kids. This recipe is quick to make and consists of several health benefits for your little one. Banana is a rich source of Vitamin C, carbohydrates and Vitamin B-6. Moreover, blackberries are also used in the dish which offers magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber. This recipe can be served either during breakfast or brunch. 

Ingredients:  2 bananas halved, ½ pint vanilla ice cream, 1 pint blackberries, 1 pint raspberries, chocolate sauce, 1 cup peanuts. 

Steps :

1. You need to place the banana in a large plate. Now, scoop 3-4 balls of ice cream onto the bananas. 

2.Top it with chocolate sauce, berries and peanuts. 

The method is quite simple and can be shared with other parents. Try it today!