Bellam Undrallu

Bellam Undrallu

Bellam Undrallu is basically a sweet rice ball. The recipe has different elements which makes it a nutritious dish. Rice flour is a primary element which offers Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Carbohydrates and Potassium. The presence of jaggery adds Calcium, Iron and Sodium which are excellent for bone development. 

 Ingredients:  ¾ cup water, 1 cup rice flour, 1 cup jaggery, 1 Tbsp. ghee, ¼ grated coconut and 1 Tbsp. chana dal. 


 1. If you are using dal, then soak and wash it for at least 45 minutes. Drain the water and keep it aside. 

 2. The next step is to add jaggery to a pan along with water. Let the jaggery melt. 

 3. Take the syrup and boil it. 

 4. Switch off the flame and add flour, coconut and cardamom powder. To this add dal and mix it well to prepare a soft dough. 

 5. The next move is to add ghee and mix it again. 

 6. Use a steamer and bring water to a boil. 

 7. Take small portions of the dough to create balls. Make small discs. 

 8. Steam the discs on high flame for 7 minutes. 

 It is a wonderful recipe which should be tried today!