Besan Ka Sheera

Besan Ka Sheera

As winter is in its full swing and most of the children are suffering from cold and cough, with your little one too being prone to it, it is very painful to see such a cutie pie who cant even blow his nose suffering from cold. Here is a traditional recipe which is sure going to kick your kiddo's cold away and also has the added benefits of calcium.

Ingredients: Besan 4 tbsp, Milk 1.5 cup(250 ml), Ghee 2 tbsp, Green cardamom powder 2 pinch, Sugar 3 Tbsp


1.First dry roast the besan till it releases its aroma.

2.Now add ghee and cook for 1 minute

3.Add milk in the besan but keep stirring thoroughly so that no lumps are formed.

4.Add cardamom powder and sugar and cook till the mixture thickens a bit.

Put the flame off and serve to your child while its warm. It will surely give your child relief and boost his health!