Cheesy Pasta with Tomato

Cheesy Pasta with Tomato

Cheesy Pasta with Tomato can be prepared under ten minutes which makes it a preferred dish among working mothers. The tangy flavor of this pasta would be very well enjoyed by all. Tomato is the prime ingredient of this recipe that is enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The presence of cheese also adds a sufficient level of protein which is important for physical development.

Ingredients: 100g Baby pasta, Butter, Tomatoes1, Tbs. Parmesan cheese and 2 Tbs. Grated cheddar cheese


 1. The first step is to cook the baby pasta as per the instructions on the pack. Drain and chop them into small pieces. 

 2. Prepare a tomato puree or sauce using a blender. 

 3. The next move is to stir the cheese and sauce with the pasta. Heat the content until the cheese melts properly. 

 4. Serve it once the temperature settles. 

Do not miss a chance to follow this recipe. Try it today!