Dates Syrup To Make Everything Yummy For Your Angel

Dates Syrup To Make Everything Yummy For Your Angel
Adding dates in any form makes the food tasty and healthy as they are an amazing source for potassium, dietary fibres, protein, iron and calcium. Dates syrup can easily replace sugar in your regular diet.
Dates– 1 cup, Water -1 cup
1. Wash the dates thoroughly,
2. Soak the dates in hot water for about 15-20 minutes (soaking time depends upon the type of dates you are using).
3. Now mash the dates with your hands very well in the water, in which it was soaked.
4. Extract the liquid of these mashed dates into a cheese cloth.
5. Now extract the dates water using the cheese cloth in another bowl.
6. Strain out the water completely.
7. Now collect the water in a sauce pan and boil it.
8. Stir it continuously which will prevent it from burning.
9. Boil till it gets thick and it reaches the consistency of honey, then turn off the flame.
10. Allow this syrup to cool and it is ready to use.
You can use this syrup in milk and dessert. It can also be used as a bread spread.