Delicious Semolina Elaichi Cake Without Microwave

Delicious Semolina Elaichi Cake Without Microwave
Give a treat to your cutie pie with amazingly tasty cake; it is a very quick and easy recipe which does not require microwave or oven. This cake also increases the levels of zinc and manganese in your baby's body.
Ingredients: Semolina – 1 cup, Sugar – 1/3 cup, Thick curd – 1/3 cup, Milk – 1/2cup, Butter – 1/3 cup, Cardamom (elaichi)-1/4 tbsp(powdered), Baking Powder- 1 ½ tbsp, Vanilla extract – 2-3 drops (optional)
1. First, mix sugar in semolina. Now, add butter to it and mix it again. Then add milk and mix it yet again.
2. Finally add curd and mix the mixture thoroughly, until sugar gets dissolved.
3. Now add cardamom powder and mix well, and then add few drops of vanilla extract. 
4. Keep this mixture aside and allow it to set for 2 hour.
5. After 2 hrs mix the batter again and add baking powder to it and mix it.
To cook:
6. Now grease a nonstick pan with butter and pour the batter in the pan.
7. Put this pan on tawa, and turn on the flame.
8. Now cook this on low flame and cover it.
9. Cook it for 15-20 minutes, but constantly keep a check over it.
10. After that pierce it with a stick. If the stick does not have any food particles attached to it then the cake is properly cooked from inside.
11. Now, turn the cake upside down onto the tawa and make it brown from other side too.
Now your cake is ready to eat.