Delicious Sweet Pumpkin Poori

Delicious Sweet Pumpkin Poori

Here is a brand new version of Poori, which is loaded with nutrients and tastes great. Pooris are an all-time favourite of most kids. Add a twist to your run of the mill poori by introducing sweet and flavoursome pumpkins.

Ingredients: ½ cup sweet pumpkin, 1 cup wheat flour, 1 tbsp melted ghee, ¼ cup rava, ¼ cup warm water, sugar, and salt to taste.


1. Microwave sweet pumpkin for 4-5 minutes till it is half-cooked. You can also cut them into cubes and boil them instead.  

2. Take wheat flour and add the half-cooked pumpkin, ghee, rava, warm water, sugar, and salt to taste.

3. Mix well to form hard dough.

4. Now roll out lemon size balls of the dough into Pooris.  

5. Deep fry in hot oil and press down to make them puff up.

Your Delicious Sweet Pumpkin Pooris are ready.