Healthy Delicious Babru

Healthy Delicious Babru
Side Dish

Once in a while it is fine to give a treat with a fried snack. Here we bring you a Babru recipe, which is both delicious as well as healthy, as it is stuffed with daal, a great source of protein.

Ingredients: 1/2 kg black gram daal, 1 kg flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, Salt to taste, Refined oil, to fry


1. Soak the daal in warm water and leave overnight. The next day grind it to a paste.

2. Add the baking soda to the flour along with some water and knead it well.

3. Make small rounds from the dough and stuff the prepared daal into each ball.

4. Roll it like a chapati and deep-fry it. Serve hot with any sabji.

Nice and easy when you’re in a hurry! Surprise with this delicacy next meal time!