Mahni/ Maani

Mahni/ Maani

Your kid may be fond of eating sliced mangoes, but have you ever tried cooking them for him? Here’s a unique dish to try! Mangoes are high in Vitamin C, which helps to develop your little one’s immune system.

Ingredients: Raw mangoes – 2 ,Onion – 1 ,Roasted Cumin seed Powder – 1 tsp,Salt – To taste,Sugar – To taste,Crushed Mint Leaves – for garnish


1.Wash and boil the raw mangoes. Let them cool and take out the pulp.

2. Mash the pulp to make it smooth.

3. Finely chop the onion.

4. Add cold water to the pulp stirring it gently till it makes a nice semi liquid preparation.

5. Add the chopped onion and cumin powder.

6. Add a little sugar if the preparation is too sour.

7. Garnish with mint leaves and keep it in the fridge.

8. Serve cool with rice or roti.

Kids love anything tangy, and this dish is sure to be a hit with your little one. Try it today!