Pumpkin Chocolate Popsicles

Pumpkin Chocolate Popsicles

This recipe is one of the rarest & delicious food items. Pumpkin Chocolate Popsicle is quite attractive both in terms of taste & appearance. Pumpkin offers nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium. Moreover, coconut milk is also present that offers magnesium, protein and iron. You can offer this treat preferably during the lunch or evening time. 

Ingredients: 1 cup coconut milk, ½ cup pumpkin, 1 tbsp. honey, ½ pumpkin pie spice. 


 1. Blend coconut milk along with pumpkin in a blender. Now add honey and mix it further. 

 2. Take popsicle molds and drop the content. 

 3. Keep the molds in the refrigerator. 

 4. Once you take it out arrange the sticks on parchment paper. 

 5. Melt chocolate and drizzle on the popsicles. 

 6. Return it to the freezer for at least an hour. 

 A marvelous recipe which should be tried right away!