Raspberry Peach Chia Bowls

Raspberry Peach Chia Bowls
Side Dish

Raspberry Peach Chia Bowl is a marvelous treat that would bring a smile on your face. The taste as well as the health benefits of this recipe is indeed unique. Peach is one of the prime ingredients which offer carbohydrates and Vitamin A. The other ingredient is coconut milk which adds iron, protein, Vitamin C and magnesium. 

Ingredients:  1 ½ cup coconut milk, ½ cup almond milk, ½ chia seeds, 1 tbsp maple syrup, ¼ tsp, 2 cup slices, ¼ cup orange juice, 2 cup raspberries, ½ fruit lime, 3 tbsp water, 1 tsp honey. 


 1. Take a large bowl and whisk together chia seeds, coconut milk, syrup and vanilla. Whisk it until the content gets thick. 

 2. Take four glasses and pour the content. Refrigerate it while you prepare the other layers. 

 3. Puree peaches and juice it in a blender to make it smooth. Pour this over the chia layer. 

 4. Next step is to make the raspberry layer. Puree the raspberries along with lime juice and sweetener. Make it smooth. 

 5. Make sure you strain the seeds out of the mixture. 

 6. Pour it over to form another layer. 

 7. Refrigerate for at least 30 min. 

 8. You can make a topping of something crunchy such as nuts or granola. 

 Try this recipe today and relish it.