Thinai (Foxtail Millet) Dosa For Your Smart Child

Thinai (Foxtail Millet) Dosa For Your Smart Child

Thinai or Foxtail flour is readily available in super markets and departmental stores. Millets are gluten free and rich in fibre and proteins. They do not form into acids and are easily digestible. Dosas are easily consumable and a quick way to eat.

Ingredients: 1 cup thinai (foxtail millet) flour, 1 cup wheat flour, 1-2 tbsp rice flour, 3-4 tbsp oil and 3-4 tbsp salt. You can add a ladle of ordinary dosa batter instead of rice flour.


1. Add thinai flour, wheat flour, rice flour, and salt in a bowl. Mix well. Now, add water little by little and make a thin dosa batter.

2. Heat a tawa and grease it with a little oil. Pour a big ladle of batter starting from corners of the tawa and finish it in the middle.

3.  Pour a teaspoon of oil around the corners. Cook it on medium flame and flip to cook the other side.

4. Serve with chutney or sugar.  

Simple, easy, and yummy thinai dosa is ready.

Note: Chopped onion, ginger, green chillies can be added to the batter to make it slightly spicy.