Yummy Tuna Pasta With Sweet Potato

Yummy Tuna Pasta With Sweet Potato

A blend of protein, carbohydrates and taste, is this recipe. While running and playing the whole day makes you tired, the bodily needs of vitamins and proteins increases. Prepare this dish so that there is a regular addition of all the nutrients. 

Ingredients: 100 gms of tuna fish canned in water (not brine) drained, 1/2 a potato peeled and cut into cubes, 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into cubes, 55 g cook at home baby pasta stars (or potato if gluten intolerant), 2 tsp grated cheddar cheese.


1. Boil pasta (or potato) according to instructions on pack.

2. Drain the water from the utensil after it is cooked.

3. Boil sweet potato and potato until they are soft and then blend until smooth.

4. Mash the fish so the pieces are small enough.

5. Mix pasta, fish and grated cheese with sweet potato and potato.

This is a very nutritious diet. So try it today!