6 Ways You Can Calm a Hyper Active Toddler

It is so often that you can find toddlers so full of energy and not finding a good and constructive outlet for the same. The more energy they build up, the more out of control they seem to be. But, are toddlers really out of control? Nah! They are not! It is fairly simple to have them release their energy without having to get hurt or hurt somebody else. Toddlers just want to play and have some fun. No. Strike that. A lot of fun. But, when they get super active, they charge like trains – full speed ahead. The question is, what could you possibly do to help them calm down. Here are six ways you can soothe a toddler, so no one gets hurt. And the best part is, even as your child grows older, one notch higher variant of these same tips would still come in handy! Keep reading-6 Ways You Can Calm a Hyper Active Toddler

1. A nice long warm bath

Toddlers get so worked up from so much enthusiasm, that they need some spa treatment! Yes, toddlers can feel stress too, if you are wondering. So, a healthy way to have them relax is to bathe them in warm water. It can be a tub full of bubbles or just a bath. Throw in a few squeaky toys, ducks especially. They will soon calm down and get ready for nap time.

2. Indulge them in various activities to channel their energy

When you realize your toddler is going slightly out of control, have them involve them in activities that they love. These activities can be as simple as playing with building blocks, some color therapy with crayons, tearing up some old news paper, even! This really helps. Just remember not to have anything dangerous around them!

3. A walk in the park

Getting close to nature does not just help grownups to relieve some stress and restlessness. It is the perfect way to get a toddler to vent out as well! You can head over to the play area where your toddler can make some new friends. It is very important that you monitor the interaction, just because your toddler is hyper. All the kids can play together and this will tire them out. Your toddler will soon be ready for some sleep after!

4. Story time!

Yes, that’s right! Reading really helps anyone calm down! Pick your child’s favorite story book. Make sure there are tons of pictures. This actually helps your toddler develop better imagination. Narrate the story in a dramatic manner. You can also play dress up while at it! This will also be a fun activity for your toddler!

5. Sound therapy with soothing music

This step is probably music to your ears right now! (pun intended, hehe!) Rhymes, jingles, songs or just musical instruments. They all have a very calming effect on all toddlers. Anything with a slow rhythm will make them feel sleepy.

This is the sole reason for the existence of lullabies! Rock a bye baby, all the way! This will also help your toddler learn words in case of rhymes and such, improving vocabulary.

6. Make some fun soapy bubbles

Mix a little bit of shampoo or liquid soap in some water. Use a straw and keep those bubbles coming! Your toddler will be very fascinated with the bubbles in the first place! But, the real trick is, the bubbles will be so intriguing that your toddler will want to catch each and every one when you blow them. Just be careful that the bubbles do not go anywhere close to your toddler’s eyes.

These tricks generally work on every hyper active toddler out there! As a parent, you need to keep calm first and not give up. It takes a while, for sure. But it is not unachievable. Just keep trying and your toddler will begin to co-operate in no time!

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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