7 Healthy Habits You Should Definitely Inculcate In Your Kid

The first few years of a child till they become teenagers are the most influential. As a parent this is the perfect time to instill healthy habits that will ensure your child becomes proactive and the best version of themselves.

To have a healthy eating tradition 

In a culture full of fast food and frozen dinners, teaching your kids how to eat healthy food can seem impossible. One of the best ways for you to instill good eating habits in your children is to practice them yourself. Take extra time to cook dinners and make lunches for your kids.

7 Healthy Habits You Should Definitely Inculcate In Your Kid

Be punctual

The proverb ‘Time and tide waits for no man' is an ideal message that captures the essence of life. Let your child know the consequences of being late. Getting up late in the morning could ultimately lead to missing the school bus and how it can impact studies is just one example.

Motivate your kid to be physically active

Kids should be physically active for at least 1 hour a day. You can help by encouraging your children to find activities they enjoy and building physical activities into family life. Kids love to run around the park or play on a playground. Physical activity is one of the ways kids discover the world and themselves. It helps build strong muscles and healthy bones as well as improves self-confidence.

Make your child a reader

The love for reading brings so many benefits to your kid. It is one of the most important quality you can develop for him to grow up smart. Reading develops your child’s appetite for knowledge. The more your child learns from reading the more he wants to know. By being a reader early in life your child is well prepared to grasp the complexities of science, mathematics, history and other knowledge necessary for a productive life.

Foster your child’s creativity

Creativity is a valued mental characteristic in arts, science, and any endeavor that involves problem solving as a whole. Kids are naturally creative. Although some kids are genetically more talented than others, it can be a learned behavior that can be nurtured from childhood. Some of the ways to nurture creativity include exposing your child to literature, music and arts.

Personal cleanliness and good hygiene habits

Hygiene involves more than just hand-washing. Teaching your kids to have a healthy hygiene routine when they’re young can create habits that last throughout their lives. For example changing clothes regularly and taking bath everyday.


Discipline is one of the defining elements of parenting. Used sparingly or liberally, understanding how to discipline your child is fundamental to the parent-child dynamic. Through discipline, kids are taught to become responsible, honest, kind and sharing people. 

By following their parents’ guidance, teachings and rules, they have the chance to grow up to be well-behaved and respectful individuals.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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