A LOT is Going On In Your Child's Head Right Now! How Can You Understand Him Better?

By now, you get to see enough tantrums thrown by your little one and you are trying to decode what goes in his brain. To top it all , if you are trying to make him understand, you mostly end up losing. This is because your child at this age is curious and self-centered. Since their brains are still developing, it takes a long time for them to behave well. A LOT is Going On In Your Child's Head Right Now! How Can You Understand Him Better?

What you need to know

1. Children while playing can get to hurt themselves hard or in a mild way. This can also lead to either a wail that can be very dramatic or naturally out of pain. If you feel your child is a drama king or queen and creating a huge scene from a small incident, pacify them first. If it is a small injury or a scene, which doesn’t require too much anxiety and tension, try distracting them from the situation.

2. It is also normal for them to sound confused at one moment and be wise the next minute. Give your toddler enough time to take control over their senses and then talk to him gently and ease them out of the situation.

Understand his stance and reason out if possible.

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