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Create A Magical Wand

Create A Magical Wand
1 to 2 years baby activity
Eye-Hand movement

A lot of items can be made at home with normal stationery products. You need to make your child learn about these methods to create something amazing. Your little one has the hunger to learn and this is the correct age to feed him with such knowledge. Teach your kid how to make a magic wand and also brush up his cognitive and craft skills.

Requisites: Handkerchief, shiny paper, plastic stick and a golden net cloth 


1. Take the handkerchief and turn into a ball shape.

2. Now cover this circular handkerchief with shiny paper.

3. Fix this circular figure onto a plastic stick.

4. Use decorative golden net cloth to cover the wand. This is a good way to highlight the wand.

This is a good activity which would keep your child focused. Your child would get familiar with the fantasy world through his home-made attractive wand. Motivate your child to build one for himself.